How We Paid Our Open Source Taxes

Open Source libraries tend to have two problems: Not enough funding Not enough contributors* *Particularly concerning when you consider the Bus Factor. When you're maintaining an open source library, and you're not getting paid for it, and nobody's helping you, and you're constantly fielding complaints from users that this or… »

G2A, Piracy, and the Four Currencies

I never thought the day would come where I would passionately argue that fans should pirate my game rather than pay for it, but here we are. That's conditional, of course. If you're going to be buying Defender's Quest from us then knock yourself out! But if you're going to… »

Bounds, Bottlenecks, and Digital Marketing

This article's inspiration brought to you by my acquaintance Worthless Bums: I promise you one thing: you are not anywhere near market saturation for your tiny indie game. Your problem is the exact opposite – you haven’t got anywhere near the sets of eyeballs to glaze over your game. Now… »

Defender's Quest Deluxe Launches Today

Defender's Quest Deluxe launches right now. Our new presskit is here: Our site: On Steam: On GOG: Here's how to get the update if you already own the… »

Supporting a single-player Indie RPG for Four Years

It's hard to believe, but on January 19th 2016, four whole years will have passed since we first released our game Defender's Quest: Valley of the Forgotten. What's even harder to believe is that we're still actively supporting it with patches and updates, with the biggest one of all soon… »

Doing an HD Remake the Right Way : FFVI Edition

So Final Fantasy VI -- a beloved classic that contends with Final Fantasy VII for the title of best Final Fantasy game of all time -- is releasing on Steam this Wednesday. This game is the crown jewel of the SNES era of JRPG's and deserves the utmost care and… »