Tourette's Quest

Ever since we launched Defender's Quest on Steam, GOG, and other fine stores two weeks ago, I've been doing nothing but support and patches. My brain is about to melt and if I don't carve out some time to do something different every once in a while, I'll explode.So… »

Steam Launch Date: October 30th

Quick blog post because I haven't done one in a while.Defender's Quest STEAM launch date:October 30th, 2012That's pretty soon. We will also be launching on Desura, Impulse, GamersGate, and GOG.  We will launch at $9.99 USD and equivalent conversions in local currencies. This will be a… »

Defender's Quest GOLD launches on Kongregate

The Kongregate version of Defender's Quest GOLD edition is now live.  If you are a registered Kongregate user, we've expanded the demo to give you access through all of Act III and most of Act IV.The full version includes all the content that we've released in the downloadable… »

Defender's Quest GOLD launch

Hey everyone! Time for an official blog post announcing the launch of Defender's Quest version 1.0, or "gold" edition. I've finished the deployment, and the new version of the game is live. If you've already bought it, just run the old version of the game to auto-update.  When… »

Defender's Quest gold launches today

Hey everyone, a quick heads up - barring unforeseen insanity, Defender's Quest GOLD will launch today!I wanted to make sure the new version of the game would be public before Anthony and I head to PAX tomorrow.  James will be manning the customer service account while we're… »

Defender's Quest coming to Steam!

Before I give you guys the big announcement I've been promising, first thing's first - yes, we've heard all about Steam Greenlight, in fact you've all been emailing us pretty much non-stop about it :)Now for the announcement.Turns out, we won't be submitting Defender's Quest to greenlight this August,… »