Defender's Quest coming to Steam!

Before I give you guys the big announcement I've been promising, first thing's first - yes, we've heard all about Steam Greenlight, in fact you've all been emailing us pretty much non-stop about it :)Now for the announcement.Turns out, we won't be submitting Defender's Quest to greenlight this August,… »

Freeloadable content - an alternative to paid DLC

Cross-posted on gamasutra.comA lot of developers/publishers sell expansion packs and other discrete add-ons to their games as "downloadable content," or "paid DLC."  This model has problems, for both players and developers.  The problems for players have been covered exhaustively, so let's leave that aside for the… »

The Holy Grail of Digital Distribution

Cross-posted on Gamasutra. Twitter handle: @larsiusprimeThe challenge of being an independent developer is that so much of your game's success is out of your control. There's no Department of Internet Money where you can present your neatly wrapped Cool New Thing and be justly rewarded with crisp thousand-dollar bills.… »

Indie RPG's on sale TODAY

So, the Because we May sale just launched today, and about 180 or so games are participating.I'd like to direct your attention to a select few of those that might pique your interest.Indie RPG's!Of course, you should definitely check out our own game - Defender's Quest, which… »

Quick News

Hey everybody! We've got a lot of awesome Defender's Quest news for you guys today!First and foremost, we're making good progress on gold version.Second, I'm pleased to announce that Defender's Quest will be featured in the upcoming Because We May sale, which starts tomorrow and will… »

Defender's Quest: By the Numbers

So, in case you haven't heard yet, Gamasutra posted our first ~70 days of sales stats as a featured article today: Read the full article for details, but here's the TL;DR version:~$70K / ~14K sales in about 70 daysTop revenue… »