Doubling Down on Community

So pretty much everybody is talking about this Indie Bubble thing and how it's going to eat all our faces. I really have nothing useful to add except to agree that yes, times are changing. Cliffski has access to inside information about upcoming changes at Valve and thinks everything will… »

Defender's Quest 2 Engine progress - resolution!

A big thing I'm trying to work on for the DQ2 engine is robust support for multiple resolutions, particularly HD. The previous game was hard-locked to 800x600.Here's a screenshot from today's build of the DQ2 engine, using the DQ1 data set: I'd post it in 1080p, but that's so… »

An Algorithm for Discovering "Hidden Gems"

So you've probably seen that Ars Technica article that has magically reverse-engineered every steam game's  gross (sales+free-key-redemption) numbers.Everyone's talking about this graph:The obvious first statement is "WOWS! Video games are a hit-driven business!!!" For what it's worth, our game Defender's Quest is probably located somewhere between… »

Nobuo Uematsu to work on Defender's Quest 2

So I promised everybody some news. I was originally going to post this yesterday, but that just happened to be Liar's Day, so we decided to wait one more day.Here's the press release we sent out to some journalists:Level Up Labs is pleased to announce that Defender's Quest… »

Defender's Quest 2 March Update

Alrighty! Time for an update on where we are in Defender's Quest 2.Those of you who follow me on twitter know I've been active, but I sometimes forget that our followers are spread out over multiple channels - our forum, our steam page, our gog page, our newsletter/website,… »

Flash is dead, long live OpenFL!

I've been a stalwart Flash developer for 15 years, so nothing bothers me more than greatly exaggerated reports of Flash's premature demise. Even today, Flash remains a very viable platform with a large install base and a relatively healthy commercial ecosystem. Many awesome games have been written in Flash and/… »