Defender's Quest 2 March Update

Alrighty! Time for an update on where we are in Defender's Quest 2.Those of you who follow me on twitter know I've been active, but I sometimes forget that our followers are spread out over multiple channels - our forum, our steam page, our gog page, our newsletter/website,… »

Flash is dead, long live OpenFL!

I've been a stalwart Flash developer for 15 years, so nothing bothers me more than greatly exaggerated reports of Flash's premature demise. Even today, Flash remains a very viable platform with a large install base and a relatively healthy commercial ecosystem. Many awesome games have been written in Flash and/… »

Playing Defender's Quest with the Steam Controller

So I got back from Steam Dev Days. You might have heard that everyone who attended got a Steam Controller prototype from Valve, as well as one of the many Steam Machine models (courtesy of Intel).Bottom line -- it's pretty good! Read on for more details. This is the… »

WhoLetsPlay - 2014 plans

Hey everybody!So, now that it's officially 2014, I thought I'd lay out some plans for how to get this little movement off the ground before all of our momentum peters out.So, here's today's agenda1. Communication structure2. Removing me as a bottleneck3. Legal stuff4. Web stuff5. Raising a small… »

WhoLetsPlay: Getting Started

Some quick context: read this Gamasutra post.I just sent this newsletter out for everybody! Thanks for signing up for our newsletter as we try to work out the initial details for this movement. I'm personally going to be a bit busy with the Holidays until… »

The Stegosaurus Tail: when "The Long Tail" grows spikes.

You may have heard of "The Long Tail." For games, it means your sales start off strong and quickly taper off.  This force drives the retail marketing cycle -- launch a game to extreme hype, sell it like crazy, then immediately abandon it and move on to the next… »