WhoLetsPlay: Getting Started

Some quick context: read this Gamasutra post.I just sent this newsletter out for www.wholetsplay.com:Hey everybody! Thanks for signing up for our newsletter as we try to work out the initial details for this movement. I'm personally going to be a bit busy with the Holidays until… »

The Stegosaurus Tail: when "The Long Tail" grows spikes.

You may have heard of "The Long Tail." For games, it means your sales start off strong and quickly taper off.  This force drives the retail marketing cycle -- launch a game to extreme hype, sell it like crazy, then immediately abandon it and move on to the next… »

On Procedural Death Labyrinths

A few weeks ago Tanya X. Short said, "Never Say Roguelike."I usually shy away from vocabulary fights and let smarter people than me hash it out, so I was pleasantly surprised when her argument not only convinced me, but inspired me.Shortly afterwards I posted the following chart on… »

Defender's Quest II's "UnKickstarter" approach to crowdfunding

Kickstarter is the go-to solution for crowdfunding these days, but I'm a control freak so I designed a custom solution for our upcoming game, Defender's Quest II: Mists of Ruin.No solution is one-size-fits all; we're in the unique situation of developing the sequel to a critically acclaimed title, namely… »

Story-telling as Problem Solving: Defender's Quest (GDC 2013 Narrative Summit)

We (Writer James Cavin and Programmer/Generalist Lars Doucet) initially gave this talk at GDC 2013 in the Game Narrative summit. I'm posting the slides and script here as a blog post, but if you prefer a video, you can watch a recording of this talk here. This talk has… »

Youtube and the new AudioVisual Literacy

I've been thinking about writing, journalism, and Youtube a lot lately, and I just realized something: we're moving to a new form of "writing" based on recorded oral culture.Traditionally, "oral tradition" had no recording method other than people's memory (which can be surprisingly reliable, a far cry from the… »