Steam Linux Sale : Results

Shortly after we published our giant sales report, Defender's Quest: By the Number, part 2, the Steam Linux client officially went public and was accompanied by a site-wide sale.The Linux sale featured every single Linux-compatible game on the service, including Defender's Quest.  In preparation for this article, I… »

Indie Solidarity - Telepath Tactics

Today a bit of a personal post.We have been pretty successful with Defender's Quest as of late, being fortunate enough to get on Steam, GOG, and reap the benefits of that attention. We're still not filthy rich, but we're now generating enough sales that if this keeps up I… »

Tourette Quest - Media, Magic, and Nostrils!

The reaction to my super-dinky "Tourette's Quest" prototype has completely floored me.  For those of you just joining us, a few weeks ago I wrote a blog post about a new game project of mine, where I explore what it's like to have Tourette's Syndrome through the lens… »

Free 2 Play and the Four Currencies

One of my most popular articles was "Piracy and the Four Currencies", which explains the economics of piracy in terms of four "psychological currencies": money-dollars ($M), time-dollars ($T), pain-in-the-butt dollars ($P) and integrity-dollars ($I). Purchases don't just cost money; they also cost different amounts of time, pain-in-the butt, and (sometimes)… »

Tourette's Quest

Ever since we launched Defender's Quest on Steam, GOG, and other fine stores two weeks ago, I've been doing nothing but support and patches. My brain is about to melt and if I don't carve out some time to do something different every once in a while, I'll explode.So… »

Steam Launch Date: October 30th

Quick blog post because I haven't done one in a while.Defender's Quest STEAM launch date:October 30th, 2012That's pretty soon. We will also be launching on Desura, Impulse, GamersGate, and GOG.  We will launch at $9.99 USD and equivalent conversions in local currencies. This will be a… »