Defender's Quest DX is out on PS4 TODAY (XB1 tomorrow)

It's live! You can buy it now! Here is a very silly announcement trailer: Here is a very serious gameplay trailer: Information post: Known issues: There is a known bug on the Xbox One. When the game… »


We just made a new cover for our game's upcoming console release, and that got us thinking about making covers in general. Ooooooh so shiny! There are many ways to design a videogame cover. Most of them suck. We stumbled across one that didn't. Here it is. Hi, my name's… »

Defender's Quest II: The City of Ennekar

LARS: As the Defender's Quest II engine and Defender's Quest HD get further along towards completion, we've been building up a huge internal backlog of story and art materials as our writer, James, keeps churning on. He's currently up to his fifth draft of the DQII story and we figured… »