DQ1 Physical Edition, Discord, DQ2 News

A quick newsy little post for everybody. First, we've got a fancy new discord server: Join Defender's Quest discord I'll still be keeping the forum around (especially as it's effectively the comments section for this blog), but that might be a convenient place for people who like real-time chat and… »

It Doesn't Matter What You Do, Do Something

Tell me if you've ever had this problem. You have a big list of things to do. Like a good little person, you arrange it in order from most important to least important, with the highest priority item on top. Then you stare at that daunting task and just can't… »

How Porting to the PSVita improved performance everywhere else

Now that we've shipped on the PSVita, I've finally written a big article about all the ins and outs of profiling and optimization necessary to run on the device. The cool part is that most of these optimizations carried over to all other platforms, including PC (and will feature in… »

Defender's Quest DX for PSVita is released.

Finally. The PSVita version of Defender's Quest: Valley of the Forgotten DX is released today! It's cross-buy / cross-save with the PS4 version, getting either version should entitle you to both. There were a lot of performance optimizations required to get this to work, and we have rolled all of those… »

DQII: platforms announced, DQI: Vita, Limited Run, Switch, OpenFL Console Targets

Hey everybody, A quick info-dump update on everything I've been working on lately. Physical release with Limited Run Games Nintendo Switch Final list of platforms for DQII PSVita version of DQDX Patch for PS4, XB1, PC Haxe Summit Talk OpenFL console targets Physical release with Limited Run Games We're doing… »

Known Bugs in Defender's Quest DX console version -- patch incoming soon

There are a few known confirmed bugs in both the Playstation 4 and Xbox One versions of Defender's Quest: Valley of the Forgotten DX. First is the issue of performance. We didn't come across anything significant in testing, but I'm hearing some reports that after prolonged play there is degraded… »