News! Calling for Testers!

Just sent this newsletter out today:


Hey Defender's Quest fans!

First, thanks so much for being patient with us as we prepare for our preliminary "Beta Launch" this month, at a special discounted price of $6.99 ($4.99 for you newsletter subscribers!)

(We're getting very close - things are coming together and as we approach release we will send out frequent updates.)

Second, thanks to everyone who sent in their save files. We have waaaaaay more than we need at this point! You guys are awesome.

Third, thanks to everyone who sent us e-mails of encouragement and support. It's really great to hear from you, and nothing motivates us quite like hearing that you guys can't wait until our game comes out! Our only hope is to meet (and hopefully exceed) your expectations :)

Fourth, some people were wondering why they hadn't received a coupon code yet. We haven't sent them out yet :) Those will be sent over the newsletter at the same time as the Beta Launch.

Fifth, on to other business:

We don't have a specific date to announce just yet, but we can say that we're veeeery close. All that's left right now is bug-fixing, balancing, and plugging in art for a few cutscenes. To that end, we'd like to recruit some of you to help us test the game before we launch. If you want to VOLUNTEER to be a tester, send an email to and put "TEST VOLUNTEER" in the subject line and we'll hook you up with the latest builds of the full version of the game.


Now, let me explain real quick - if you volunteer to test the game, you'll be seeing an incomplete version of it. If your motivation for testing is just to play the game sooner, I STRONGLY recommend just waiting until it comes out - testing games is not always fun. The final version will be much better than any unfinished test version we can provide you with right now.

If your motivation is to help us make the game better, and you don't mind braving bugs, unbalanced levels, and a few rough, unfinished, cutscenes, then by all means sign up! We appreciate anyone who volunteers their time and effort to help us make the game better.

So, here are some basic guidelines for being a tester. If we provide you with a test copy, you agree to:

1) NOT re-post it anywhere or otherwise share it with people
2) Thoroughly test the game and look for bugs, glitches, balance issues, etc.
3) Provide us with useful and detailed written test reports (we'll give you templates and instructions)
4) Give us complete permission to use any information, ideas, data, or anything else you share with us

The main things we're looking to discover through testing:

1) Obscure technical details -
Does the game work on old computers? Does it crash on Linux? Does it run slow on Mac? Does it fullscreen properly on a netbook? Does it break on dual monitor set-ups?

2) Bugs - when and where does it crash, break, or otherwise screw up?

3) Balance - let us know when and where the game throws you up against an insane difficulty wall or suddenly becomes way too easy.

Here's some things we're NOT looking for in testing, because it's way too late in the game to address now:

1) Cool ideas for new features
2) Revisions to the story
3) Art style changes

Thanks for everything! We'll be sending out more updates as we get closer to launch, so stay tuned! And of course, if you don't like getting these newsletters, feel free to unsubscribe using the link at the bottom.

Lars Doucet
Level Up Labs, LLC