News! Facebook and Google+ Pages!

Just sent out this newsletter:

Hey there Defender's quest fans!

First of all, a huge thank-you goes out to everyone who signed up for the pre-release test. We've gotten some really great feedback and have uncovered (and eliminated!) many crucial bugs. If you haven't signed up for the test but are still interested, we're still taking volunteers:

As a reminder, if you want to see the game in its best state, I'd recommend waiting until it comes out :) Sign up for testing if you don't mind braving bugs and unfinished content.

NEXT, we've set up a facebook page and google+ page! We'll be updating them as time goes on (just bare bones for now), so please "like" / "+1" us and tell all your friends about the game!

Speaking of the game's release, we're very nearly there!  Only a few minor things are left to do - here's what we're working on:

-Proof-reading grammar and spelling
-Finishing up some cutscenes
-Adding some missing art
-Balancing the last batch of levels
-Adding sound effects
-Fixing as many bugs as testers can uncover

All three builds (Mac/Windows/Linux) seem to be installing and running smoothly, but we could always use some more Mac and Linux testers to make sure, as the majority of our testers are running Windows. So if you run Mac or Linux and haven't signed up for the test, we'd love to have you!

We are very close to release - we're in the process of setting up our online store and contacting distribution partners like Steam/Desura/Impulse, etc.

We can't announce the official release date yet, but it should be soon! We will let you know as soon as the game goes Gold.

Thanks for everything!