Super Energy Metropolis Prototype 2

Sneak peak of Prototype 2:

Prototype 2 : pollution & health
Prototype 2: Pollution & Health

So, we learned some things from Prototype 1. We'll reiterate quickly the things we planned to do for this prototype after the jump, followed by a link to the playable Prototype 2.

  • Fix the visual clutter
  • Implement pollution (hopefully to encourage spreading out buildings)
  • Implement health (to provide reward/punishment for pollution)
  • Allow destruction of buildings (for now they just instantly disappear for no cost)
  • Buildings now have the same movement cost as dirt (to encourage road building)

We decided to start off with a very simplistic modelling of pollution, buildings just produce a fixed amount of pollution around them no matter what. Since we already defined the design for this next prototype in the previous posts' results, we'll just go ahead and show off the prototype and then analyze it in the next post. Just a few more notes about some minor differences we made from the last proposed design:

Changed Dead to Deatlhy Ill for now
Changed "Dead" to "Deathly Ill" for now
  • We're going to use gold for the "Great" condition because green connotes "sick."
  • We're not going to implement people dying yet, they just go down to sickly green instead, the lowest health.
  • At "deadly" health levels, a person has an output of ZERO, but will still work for a full 8 hours, getting nothing done but still occupying work space!

So, we're ready to go! Off to the prototype:

Click to play this prototype!
Click to play this prototype!