Steam Traffic Patterns Deep Dive

So in a previous article I talked about the Steam Discoverability update (which I'm calling "NewSteam"). One of the big new features was a detailed traffic analysis, which Steam has explicitly given me permission to share with the public. Although we can't talk about sales except indirectly (or as a… »

Why are we releasing DQ1HD as a free upgrade?

We recently announced an HD re-release of Defender's Quest 1, and that it will be a free upgrade. Some people want to know why. Specifically, two things prompted me to write this article: This thread on our steam page by long-time DQ fan Whisperling, advising us not to release as… »

DQ2 Update and DQ1-HD Announcement

So, it's been a while since we last talked about Defender's Quest 2. I have three big things to talk about today: General updates Announcing Defender's Quest 1 HD re-release Progress on Defender's Quest 2 General updates So those of you who follow this blog will know we keep a… »

Fixing Steam's User Rating Charts

Recently I wrote a big article about the new changes in Steam, and rendered my judgment: cautiously optimistic. After further reflection, my position is unchanged -- most of it's very good, but some things need work. NOTE: Although my tone throughout is quite critical, make no mistake, I am a… »

Brave NewSteam World

Over two years ago I wrote an article called The Holy Grail of Digital Distribution where I described what an ideal digital game store might look like. In the last two weeks, Steam launched their long-anticipated storefront overhaul (which I'll call "NewSteam"), and I think it's time to assess how… »

Optimizing Tower Defense for FOCUS and THINKING - Defender's Quest

The design philosophy for Defender's Quest boils down to two guiding principles that play to the Tower Defense (TD) genre's strengths: Let the player FOCUS Test the player's THINKING Note the verbs. We don't want to TEST the player's focus (ie assault them with strobe lights and dancing kitens and… »