Defender's Quest 2 tester/backer build out today

Hey everyone!

So after a few months of massively destabilizing the Defender's Quest 2 build, today I'm proud to say that we're ready to start regularly testing things and gathering feedback again. The plan from hereon out is to push out a build to coincide with each monthly progress report. To avoid spamming people too much, we'll save the main newsletter blasts about builds for the monthly progress report, but we'll still notify testers/early backers for unscheduled builds like this one.

If you were an alpha/beta backer of Defender's Quest 2, or one of our tester volunteers, then the new build should be already uploaded to Steam.

If you are an alpha/beta backer, or a testing volunteer, and you don't have access, then send an email to and we'll sort you out over the next few days.

Quick FAQ:

Q: I wasn't an alpha/beta backer of DQ2, but I did back it. Do I have early build access?
A: No, this was a perk we gave to the higher tiers. We do make some tester volunteer slots available now and then when we need more feedback, so feel free to ask for one of those if you have the time to test ( Note it may take us a little while to get back to you. FYI, if you just want to see the game earlier, you're probably better off waiting as things are still in a rough state.

Q: I think I'm already a tester/early backer, but I can't access the build.
A: Email and we'll sort you out sometime this week.

Q: How can I best give feedback?
A: The new build has a big button that says "Click Here for FEEDBACK SURVEY" in the center of the title screen. Click that when you're done playing and it'll take you right to the survey.

Q: What are you looking for feedback on?
A: Chiefly all the content up to and including the first boss (the first "White Hat" sequence). Specifically level design, characters, and skills. The Black Hat sequence beyond that is technically playable but the balance is a total undesigned wreck right now.

Q: Where do I post straight-up bugs?
A: Same place as usual,