Defender's Quest 2's Free Demo is Live now on Steam!

Defender's Quest 2's Free Demo is Live now on Steam!


The moment we've all been waiting for has finally arrived. Defender's Quest 2 is playable, right now, today, for a limited time as a free demo on Steam, as part of the week-long Steam Next Fest.

Much like Defender's Quest 1's famous demo, this is a pretty meaty and generous demo that will give you a very good taste of what the final game is like. At the same time, we're still holding back a lot of content for the full version-- this should represent about 10% of the total playable content.

A couple things you can do that would really help us.

  • Play the demo
  • Wishlist the game. (This is super important and helps us a ton)
  • Tell your friends to try demo
  • Tell your friends to wishlist the game

A game's day-one launch is almost entirely determined by how many engaged people ready to buy get day one notifications, which is heavily determined by wishlists. So the more people that are interested in the game and actually wishlist it, the better a chance of success the game will have. And in today's crowded field, that's more important than ever.

To whet your palette, here's a few things you can do in Defender's Quest 2.

Electrocute bad guys:

Flip them over, stunning them and negating their armor:

Drop patches of tar and make enemies all sticky:

Set the tar on fire:

Instantly teleport between two locations for free:

Use not one but TWO laser cannons, one of which is free but has a long cooldown, the other which you can use at your leisure but costs juice:

And to set some expectations, some housekeeping items and FAQ:

Q: Do I need to play DQ1 to understand this game?
A: Nope, they're totally independent, Final-Fantasy style.

Q: Does it have gamepad support?
A: The final version will, but this demo build doesn't for stability purposes. Steam Deck and gamepad and Steam Input will be fully supported on release.

Q: Does it have my language?
A: The final version (probably) will, but this demo is English only.

Q: Will it come to GOG/Itch/Epic Games Store?
A: You bet.

Q: I pre-ordered the game, how do I access the demo?
A: The demo build is free and public, so same way everybody else does – follow the above link and play it on Steam.

Q: Will the demo be available anywhere else?
A: Eventually, yes. We'll post it on a non-Steam site after the release of the full game.

Q: Will the demo be for a limited time?
A: For now the demo is a limited release to juice interest and get people to play it now during Steam Next Fest. When the full game comes out, the demo will be made available permanently. But if you want to play the game, play it right now while you still can!

Q: I have a question about my pre-order!
A: Direct it to and we'll cheerfully answer it!

Q: Will my save game carry over to the full version?
A: Yes it should. We don't have Steam cloud hooked up to the demo version just yet, so please be sure to export your save file and make a backup. The final version will try to auto-detect the presence of the demo save files, but this way you can be sure.

Q: Does it support Mac?
A: Neither the demo nor the full version will likely support Mac, most likely. Sorry.

Q: Does it support Linux?
A: We absolutely will release it for the final build, but not for this demo. We make daily builds in Linux, but wanted a bit more testing before we just toss it out there. In the meantime Proton should work pretty well.