Defender's Quest DX for PSVita is released.


The PSVita version of Defender's Quest: Valley of the Forgotten DX is released today! It's cross-buy / cross-save with the PS4 version, getting either version should entitle you to both.

There were a lot of performance optimizations required to get this to work, and we have rolled all of those back into the PC version of the game today. It's just gone live on Steam and I will update GOG/Humble/Itch later today as soon as I've verified there's no major regressions I missed.

This is the last major patch for the PC version of the game, by the way. I'm done with long-term support for DQI, minus an emergency patch or two for any lingering unfixed bugs. We do have a Nintendo Switch port of DQI in the works that I'm outsourcing to Jens Fischer, one of the lead maintainers of HaxeFlixel, but my full time focus is DQII.

Some housekeeping details for the PS4/PSVita release:

  • There will be an upcoming physical release with Limited Run Games for both the PS4 and the PSVita.
  • It's cross-buy. If you bought PS4 already, I think you can try to redownload-it or re-buy it on PS4 store for "free" to trigger the PSVita redemption?
  • It's cross-save. You can upload / download saves from the title screen menu to sync to either platform. For the sake of maximum safety, this is NOT automatically synced or anything, and you have to do it all manually.
  • Both games have the same features, with the following exceptions:
    • PSVita visual effects are slightly simplified
    • PSVita's Endless Battle 2 is capped at 100 waves (on PS4 it's truly Endless) -- but the achievements cap out at 100 waves so it shouldn't make a difference there.
    • PSVita caps maximum speed at x8 for performance purposes
  • If you want a key, let me know. I have cross-buy PS4/PSVita keys for both EU and NA.
  • The NA region should have all the latest patches for PS4 (1.0.3) and PSVita (1.0.1)
  • The EU region might not be released yet and I'm not sure if it has the latest patches. I am trying to make sure this gets sorted out ASAP, hopefully before launch.
  • EDIT: I've been told that it's not available in Brazil. I checked with Sony and this is my fault, I missed a checkbox. Working on fixing it now.
  • EDIT 2: I've heard word that the Steam version has a bug where some end-game upgraded items don't work as intended. I'm fixing that now. Please let me know if you see this bug on the console versions too. I'll try to get a Hotfix out for this in a timely manner.

Let me know if you have any questions and direct press inquiries to leveluplabs at gmail dot com.