Defender's Quest GOLD launch

Hey everyone! Time for an official blog post announcing the launch of Defender's Quest version 1.0, or "gold" edition. I've finished the deployment, and the new version of the game is live. If you've already bought it, just run the old version of the game to auto-update.  When we said free updates, we meant it!

First, here's our sexy new trailer:

The new version of the game comes with massively improved graphics, courtesy of Tyvon Thomas, Karen Petrasko, and Zhi Jiang.

Here's a thorough list of new features:
-Amazing New Graphics
-New Game+ mode
  (huge update, doubles the game's content)
-7 bonus battle maps,
  (each has a New Game+ variant, so 14 bonus challenges total)
-7 new sidequests, with new story and new battles
-Crazy new enemy types
-New boss battles
-Upgradeable loot with special powers
-Magic books for Azra that change the rules of battle
-2 new music tracks
-New advanced targeting system
-Better auto-update security
-Loads of bugfixes
-Tons of balance tweaks

You can read more details here on an earlier post.

The updated version of the game will be coming to Steam/Desura/GamersGate/Impulse, etc, as well as to Kongregate, soon, but for now it's just available for sale on our own site. The game is cross-platform on Mac/Win/Linux, and we have a big free demo here, which you can play right in your browser (and if you prefer, you can get a standalone download version).

You can get the full version here.

The latest version is 1.0.1. This fixes a couple of small bugs that early adopters reported late last night, so this build should be pretty stable. If you have any issues, go to our support page. James will cover customer support while Anthony and I are at PAX this weekend, but I return to work on Tuesday to help answer emails.

Thanks for all your support!