Defender's Quest is RELEASED

You can buy defender's quest RIGHT NOW at:

We have a new demo version out too at:

Also, please note we're also selling the soundtrack for the game, for 99 cents when bundled with the game! This soundtrack was lovingly composed by our awesome musician, Kevin Penkin, and to reward him for his awesome work, we bumped his share up to 50% for soundtrack sales, so if you like the music, please support our musician :)

You can play the demo right in your browser, or download it via torrent or direct link, for Mac, Windows, and Linux!

The browser demo uses "flash cookies" to save your game, and these are notoriously flimsy. If any of you had old save files from the super old version from a million years ago, if you haven't exported them as .dfq files, they may very well be gone. Fear not, however! If you are without a save file, just send me an email with a basic description of where you were in the game and I will CREATE one for you. Also, the new version of the game lets you redesign/rename characters, so that should help too.

What are you waiting for? Get Defender's Quest NOW! :)

Also tell all your friends. That would be super cool.

I'm out of sentences to stick exclamation points at the end of. Or am I?!

Thanks for being awesome humans,
-Lars Doucet
Level Up Labs


It's inevitable that there might be some bumps as we do this launch thing. If and when something goes wrong, send us an email at and we'll handle it lickety-split! Or at least lickety. There's only three of us handling support, but we'll do the absolute best we can to give you a response and full resolution of your problem as quicky as we can!