DQ2 alpha/beta access is now available.

Defender's Quest 2 now has alpha/beta/tester access available! Instructions inside.

Some newsy news!

  1. We are very nearly sold out of the Limited Run physical edition of Defender's Quest DX. We have just 2% of the remaining PS4 stock left, so this is your last chance to get it. Update: they're sold out! But we do have 19 soundtracks left.

  2. DQ2 alpha/beta access is now available for our preorder backers!

DQ2 dev has taken a long time various reasons, summarized as "surviving the indiepocalypse is hard but we did it somehow."

DQDX has shipped, its console ports have shipped, and DQ2 engine work is done. A while back we gave DQ2 alpha backers access to DQDX builds while it was still in development, and now we're giving both DQ2 alpha and DQ2 beta backers access to DQ2 development builds.

In fact, we're giving them access YESTERDAY.

Like literally. We set up an unlisted Steam page already and I already stuck the keys in people's humble accounts. Instructions for access are at the bottom of this post.

So does this mean DQ2 is almost done??!!??11!

Not exactly. Still a ways to go. Honestly we're totally off the map with the formal definitions of "alpha" and "beta" at this point, but we've got something playable. Note that we are intentionally and aggressively using ugly placeholder graphics for everything, because we don't want to falsely indicate that it's more complete than it really is.

So har far along are you?

The current build introduces the first four characters and takes you through the first six missions or so, culminating in a boss fight. We're focusing on mechanics only now so they have placeholder names and graphics. Balance is rough but playable, and we'll tighten things up from here.

I've updated our long-neglected automated progress tracker:


From now on, each of the Milestones at the bottom represents a new major build I'm working towards. When one of the bars fill up, the backer/tester build will update on Steam. And I'll add new "Milestone X" markers as I go. I have no idea how many it will take to get to release, but each one represents some major chunk of progress, meaning new content in the next playable build.

Okay, I want access. Who do I email? I think I ordered tier X... um, do you have my info?

Access Instructions

  1. Alpha/Beta (and above) preorder backers:
  • plug your email into the Humble Order Resender to get your DQ2 order to show up:
  • find your DQ2 order in your Humble library (should be marked as Alpha, Beta, or one of the higher tiers)
  • click on the product, there should be a Steam key associated with it
  1. Approved tester volunteers
  • I will contact you individually and hook you up with a Steam Key
  • If you're not a tester and want to be, sign-up here. I can't take an unlimited number of testers but I'm happy to approve those I can.

You need a password to unlock the game on steam after you use the key. EDIT: Not anymore! Passwords are dumb since it's already a private key.

Identical instructions will be posted in 3 places:

  1. I'm trying to get an email out to alpha/beta backers, so you'll have instructions in your email soon(ish).
  2. Follow these instructions on the forum. If you're logged in and can't see it, we need to elevate your privileges. Send a PM to emilysweet with your order info (usually the email associated with your humble account), or any other information that helps identify you with your preorder status, and she'll elevate you.
  3. Join our discord, and if you don't have the "alpha/beta" role and should, PM me (larsiusprime) and give me your order info/etc. Then you can join the "dq2-secret" channel which has instructions pinned.

If the game doesn't load or gives an error, you are not on the right beta branch (needs the password), or the download was incomplete.

NOTE: Windows only for now. Mac/Linux coming later.

What should I expect?

A rough early build of a game that we intend to make better.

When will it have nice graphics and music and story stuff?


Can I stream/youtube it?

Please don't :)

When will the next milestone be done?

Dunno, but I'm working hard on it already!

I'm super excited about {feature, character, concept} you detailed in one of your old blog posts!

Thanks :) I should get this out of the way now -- please don't get too attached to old concepts of the game. It was a mistake on my part to try to juggle ongoing DQ1 support with DQ2 development, it led to frontloading a lot of speculative concept stuff and decisions made too early, much of which certainly won't appear in the final game. The early build you'll see today is entirely mechanics-driven and doesn't have any story or art in it yet, and you should reset your expectations for the final game's story and characters to a blank slate. We'll put story, art, and music stuff in when the time is right. Rest assured we're doing our best to make this game the best it can be from every angle -- story, design, music, characters, mechanics. Please pardon our dust in the meantime.

I'm unsatisfied with my preorder.

Sure. Email leveluplabs at gmail dot com and we'll make it right.

When will it ship?

When it's done.

I have questions.

Post em below, or hop onto our discord. I'll answer 'em.