Forum and Wiki are live!

Hey everyone! Just a quick post to announce our brand new Forum and Wiki just went up!

Here's a link to the forums.
Here's a link to the wiki.

The forums are pretty plain-jane for now, and the wiki is externally hosted via Wikia, and is equally bare-bones.

I'll put some quick thoughts up as to why we're creating these resources.  We are committed to doing right by our customers, but there's only so much a couple of guys can do, and we find ourselves answering the same questions over and over in e-mails.  So, what we're trying to do is slowly add things that make it easier for our customers to get their problems solved without having to wait for us to respond to an email.

The first thing we did was set up a frequently asked questions page, which I've just updated. Originally it just had question, answer, question, answer, in no particular order, but I found that it was pretty hard to scan that and find your problem, so imagine a lot of people went there, got confused, and skipped it.

Now, all the questions are in a big list up front with anchor-tag jump links to the answers, and the questions are grouped by category so it's easier to scan. Hopefully this will help people out.

However, the support and FAQ page can only answer so many questions, and so far the only way to talk to us has been through e-mail or blog comments, which kind of scatters the conversation and information. People have been posting strategy tips on various forums on the internet, and right now our audience doesn't have a "home."

Today that changes. Now we have a real forum, so all you guys trying to figure out how to take down a certain mythically delicious mammal will now have a place to discuss that :)

As for the WIKI, we hope to eventually create a fully-featured living encyclopedia about the game there, so all you guys asking how the "under the hood" formulas work will be able to look that up there, as well as read up on the game's backstory and setting, etc.  Us devs will pop in there every once in a while to fill out information only we have direct access to (like the exact battle damage formulas, etc), but we welcome fans to put up information, too.

We'll do our best to maintain these structures, both as a way to grow the Defender's Quest community, and also as a way to give you more immediate sources of help and support rather than waiting for an email response from us while we scamper around putting out fires and trying to keep everyone happy.

And of course, if you can't find an answer to your question, feel free to email us, as always. We just want to give you some options, and hopefully make things easier for all of us :)

Hope this helps!
-Lars out