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On to ze newsletter:

Hey everyone!

It's been a while since our last newsletter, and we've got lots of exciting news about Defender's Quest! 

Since we released our initial demo, we've gotten lots of great feedback. We've been working furiously ever since to address as many of the issues people raised as possible. Among countless tweaks to gameplay, balance, skills, and other features, we've also given the game a significant graphical overhaul - user interface has been improved throughout the game, and we have a brand new art style for the cutscenes (which was the #1 complaint from the demo). The public demo was updated a while ago to reflect some of the new UI changes, but you won't see the new cutscene art until release.

Here's a sneak peak at some of the new art updates, old on the left, new on the right, click to make big: 

Cutscene Art (click to make big)

Recruiting Interface   (click for big)
Battle Preview Interface   (click for big)

While all this has pushed back the release date a tiny bit, we want to stick as closely to our original goal as possible, and are now aiming for early December. 

Here's the current plan:

Early December 2011 
Initial release 
$6.99 USD 

This will be a "beta" release. This will include the full, playable game with all the story, but might have a few bugs and will be lacking some extra bonus features we plan to add later.

The beta release will cost $6.99 USD. Everyone who purchases this release will get free updates and an upgrade to the full version when it comes out. Once the full version comes out, it will cost $9.99 USD.

And, as promised, all newsletter subscribers (that's you!) will get a coupon code that lets you buy the beta release for $4.99 USD! 

Q1 2012 
Final release 
$9.99 USD 

One last thing, if you guys could do us a big favor:

Send us your SAVE FILES!

Go back to the demo - either on our website (if you played the browser version) :

...or just run the executable version you downloaded, and press the "export" button on your game's save slot. This creates a ".dfq" file you can save to your hard drive. Take note of where the file is, and attach it to an email sent to this address:

Please include "SAVE FILE" in the subject line :)

With all your save files from the wild, I'll be able to do more reliable testing to make sure that save games from the demo will import correctly into the final version of the game. Anyone who sends in a save file for testing will get a nod in the credits, so please supply whatever name you'd like to be thanked as in the email!

Thanks again for all your feeback, encouragement, and most of all PATIENCE, as we head down the final stretch!


Lars Doucet
Level Up Labs