Quick News

Hey everybody! We've got a lot of awesome Defender's Quest news for you guys today!

First and foremost, we're making good progress on gold version.

Second, I'm pleased to announce that Defender's Quest will be featured in the upcoming Because We May sale, which starts tomorrow and will last through June 1st. During that week, Defender's Quest will be available for the low, low, price of just $2.99!

After the sale, the game goes back up to it's regular pre-release price of $6.99, and when gold edition comes out the price will go up to $9.99, so get your foot in the door now! Anyone who buys the game now will get free updates, which includes a free update to the gold edition.

So, here are the things that are new in Defender's Quest gold:

1) Awesome new art
2) Unique upgradeable loot
3) Magic books
4) Bonus battles
5) Sidequests
6) Mod support

I'll be posting some more details soon, but it's already 4 o'clock and I need to make sure this post actually gets done :)

So, first and foremost, click on the new picture of Slak to get a preview of our new awesome sprite art!

I'll be posting more stuff soon :) Thanks for following us!