WhoLetsPlay: Getting Started

Some quick context: read this Gamasutra post.

I just sent this newsletter out for www.wholetsplay.com:

Hey everybody! Thanks for signing up for our newsletter as we try to work out the initial details for this movement.

I'm personally going to be a bit busy with the Holidays until after December 25th, but I'd still like to send out a quick update so we all know where things stand.

So far we've gotten a lot of interest, a lot of articles written online, and plenty of volunteers offering their services.

Right now, the most important thing to figure out is how to get the bones of this movement organized -- I want to remove myself as the chief bottleneck in this thing, so that everything doesn't depend on me to get things done.

I'd like to solicit some advice from you all while I'm gone over the Holidays, so we can hit the ground running after Christmas and stuff.

We need something better than twitter, preferably something semi-private and organized. I could easily throw a cheapo forum together for wholetsplay.com, but I'm open to other suggestions -- mailing lists, google group, etc. My preference is for something that's easy to maintain and moderate, and I like things that are decentralized.

Wiki technology
One of the first things I'm going to do for wholetsplay.com is to migrate the wikia wiki content to the site under a better wiki installation. Now, I don't know a ton about wikis so I'd like to gather some input on what a cool wiki technology would be.

My preferences:

  1. Has a WYSIWYG editor (easy for users to use)
  2. Easy to moderate/protect against vandalism
  3. Easy to turn over to volunteer moderators for day-to-day stuff
  4. Easy for new (unregistered or newly registered) users to edit
  5. Easy to export data from and migrate elsewhere
  6. Easy to install
We've got a lot of other things to work out, but those are the top two things I'm interested in right now, that I think will let us get going and get the bottleneck off of me after I get back from the Holidays.

Keep sending me your emails, volunteer messages, and information, and I'll get back to them all after the Holidays!

Meanwhile, tell all your friends about #WhoLetsPlay and lets keep the momentum up!

-Lars Doucet
Level Up Labs