Defender's Quest 2 Progress: October 2019

Mid-October's Defender's Quest 2 progress report.

It's mid-October, and here's the latest progress report for DQ2.

This month's focus:
Stabilize the build and get it uploaded to Steam for our early backers and tester volunteers.

Next month's focus:
Fix bugs and finish implementing all the defined skills for the next four major characters.

Side note: I released the source code to Steam Diving Bell (the prototype for Steam Deep Dive) under the MIT license. You can find it here on Github.


Spoiler Alert:
We're talking about a WIP game in an unstructured firehose way. So, spoilers.

Unspoiler Alert:
Just because something's in the log doesn't mean it'll be in the final game.

Line Item Illusion:
The number of bullet points is only a rough indicator of the amount of labor. A 1 line item might have been 10x as much effort as a 5 line item. Or vice versa.

Yesterday! Version 0.0.4 was posted to Steam yesterday for early backers and testers who have keys.

I'm shooting for a monthly build cycle. So, next progress report.

Customer support:
As always, if you're unhappy with your pre-order for any reason, contact with the email address you originally ordered form (or any other info to track down your order) and we will cheerfully refund your money.
For everyone else who is patiently bearing with us, you have our sincere thanks.

And now the commit log for what's new:

September 18 - October 17:

  • Bouncer abilities finished
    • Shove flavor (knock enemies back linearly)
    • Bowl over flavor (on shove, do damage to everyone you make contact with)
    • Bonus that adds shove distance
    • "Strike!" flavor (on shove, do damage & give "flip" status to everyone you make contact with)
  • Shock ability
    • Shock flavor
    • Basic stun ability
    • Electric: Increased damage + duration if target has "wet" status
  • Balance pass for White Hats
    • White Splash
      • Spreadsheet
      • Healing skills
      • Defensive skills
      • DOT skills
      • Inspire/etc
    • Zerk
      • Spreadsheet
      • Damage mults
      • Defensive passives
      • Offensive passives
      • Utility skills
    • Bouncer
      • Spreadsheet
      • Damage mults
      • Offensive passives
      • Time passives
      • Utility skills
      • Fix bugs
    • Long Shot
      • Spreadsheet
      • Attack mults
      • Ice / Electricity passives
      • Offensive passives
      • Show Splash DPS the same way we show shards
      • Fix bugs
  • Bug fixes
    • Null Object crash on Long Shot's Bomb Shot
    • Fix bizarre 800x600 default resolution
    • First town's swords screen says "no guns to craft" when out of stock
    • In-battle defender stats should display at least 1 decimal case when < 10
    • Text rendering artifacts
    • Range preview visual artifacts
    • Green hilight artifacts in skill descriptions
    • Clean up skill descriptions
    • Fix line breaks in skill descriptions
  • Ship a build
    • Windows
    • Linux
    • (Will tackle Mac next month...)

And that's it for this month! Thanks for everything!