Defender's Quest DX is out on PS4 TODAY (XB1 tomorrow)

It's live! You can buy it now!

UPDATE: Known rare bug, patch in the works

Here is a very silly announcement trailer:

Here is a very serious gameplay trailer:

Information post:

Known issues:

  1. There is a known bug on the Xbox One. When the game starts, there's a title safe sizer that lets you shrink the screen size to account for overscan. If you set it to anything other than 100%, you'll have placement bugs during gameplay. To work around this, leave it at 100%, or if you already changed it, go into the options->video menu and reset it. We have it fixed in a patch that we're trying to push out before the XB1 launch tomorrow, but it's down to the wire.

  2. There is a known bug in both versions of the game where if, on the very first town you go to, before you purchase any equipment, you hit the button labeled "Equip" to go to the party screen, you might get a crash. This will be patched soon, too. This bug is pretty rare because once you buy some equipment it won't occur, and it's an unlikely event to try to go to the equip screen before you've bought anything.

Not really bugs but people will ask me about them so FYI:

  1. The PS4 version is meant to be cross-buy / cross-save with the upcoming PSVita version, which will be out... soon-ish. I'm making great progress but certification takes a while. If you buy the PS4 version now you SHOULD be good to go when the PSVita version comes out, but I'm double and triple checking with Sony to make sure I didn't screw things up.

  2. We had to remove the "original art" cutscene mode from the console versions. This is purely because of space. If your game is over 450 MB you have to pay extra for a PEGI license, and those graphics took up a lot of space. Sorry about that. We'll still keep them forever on the PC version, though! And the "original art" mode for sprites is still intact.

  3. The "bonus books" you can get from the little goodies menu on the title screen had to be removed from the console versions because of platform requirements. We didn't want to remove these books entirely as we knew people would miss them, and the Book of Secrets especially gates some valuable content, so... they're just silently placed in Azra's inventory at the beginning of the game for no particular reason. That's the best we could come up with. Azra's a Librarian, presumably she had some books on her when she contracted the plague.

  4. I don't think there's tooltips in the equip menu in the console version of the game. I'd like to fix this in a future patch. You can still get item description tooltips in battle if you cursor over a selected character's items, however.

  5. We're not gonna post any major content updates. There will be bugfix patches of course. But no DLC, paid or otherwise. After six years, I'm done with content drops. I want to move forward and ship DQII as badly as you want to play it.

Feel like helping us out?

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