Was Localizing Defender's Quest Worth It?

Let's find out. First of all, our total sales to date, across all PC portals for the original Defender's Quest are: $656,000 USD gross 195,000 units sold Next, our monthly sales on Steam: (No y-axis label because Steam doesn't like us being too specific about exact sales on… »

Automatic Progress Tracking

I have two jobs: Make a video game Tell people about it I'm much better at the former than the latter. Until recently, the "news" section of Defender's Quest 2 was conspicuously bare, not exactly a huge vote of confidence. That didn't mean we've been idle, though -- we've been… »

Will that crowdfunded game ever actually ship?

So you come across a neat-looking new game on Kickstarter. It's got fancy concept art, it has some big names involved, and their pitch is really convincing! Surely this will be the game of our dreams? Well, maybe not. The failure of the Yogscast game is… »

Dear Adobe: Support Haxe, save your Tools

Dear Adobe, My name is Lars Doucet, I'm a game developer; I can proudly say that I have been using your tools, and Flash in particular, for over 15 years. I love your tools, I think they're great, and I would be really sad to see the Flash ecosystem die… »

Doubling Down on Community

So pretty much everybody is talking about this Indie Bubble thing and how it's going to eat all our faces. I really have nothing useful to add except to agree that yes, times are changing. Cliffski has access to inside information about upcoming changes at Valve and thinks everything will… »

Defender's Quest 2 Engine progress - resolution!

A big thing I'm trying to work on for the DQ2 engine is robust support for multiple resolutions, particularly HD. The previous game was hard-locked to 800x600.Here's a screenshot from today's build of the DQ2 engine, using the DQ1 data set: I'd post it in 1080p, but that's so… »