DQ1HD and DQ2 Milestone Plan

Some people wanted some clarification of how we're doing with Defender's Quest 2, and when they would get Alpha/Beta access. Here's a high-level overview of the release plan for the Defender's Quest: Valley of the Forgotten HD re-release and its sequel, Defender's Quest 2: Mists of Ruin. Each of… »

Stenography for Programming

So I'm learning Stenography. I ordered a UTOPEN stenoboard recently and this is what it looks like fully assembled (and with masking tape "training wheel" labels): At this point you're either thinking: "um... why would a game developer want to learn Steno?" Or perhaps: "what the heck is Stenography?" To… »

Game Maker, Security, and Freedom

So Game Maker just got bought by a gambling company, and as the ancients have foretold, the gnarled old Lars has duly appeared from his hermitage with semi-inflammatory opinions on the subject: XNA: abandoned. Flash: neglected. GameMaker: sold. Your proprietary tool could be next. Open Source.… »

I Wish Upon a Steam

I write about Steam a lot, because they hold my fate in their hands like a tiny bird. (Photo by Chris Yarzab, link) Given the recent flood of games onto Steam, I had high hopes for the long-awaited Discovery update, which introduced "organic" traffic channels such as customized home pages,… »

Steam Traffic Patterns Deep Dive

So in a previous article I talked about the Steam Discoverability update (which I'm calling "NewSteam"). One of the big new features was a detailed traffic analysis, which Steam has explicitly given me permission to share with the public. Although we can't talk about sales except indirectly (or as a… »

Why are we releasing DQ1HD as a free upgrade?

We recently announced an HD re-release of Defender's Quest 1, and that it will be a free upgrade. Some people want to know why. Specifically, two things prompted me to write this article: This thread on our steam page by long-time DQ fan Whisperling, advising us not to release as… »