OpenFL for Home Game Consoles

CONTEXT: This is a presentation I recently gave at WWX2015 (WorldWide Haxe conference) in Paris, France. Briefly stated, Defender's Quest HD and Defender's Quest II use three core technologies: Haxe is the programming language OpenFL is our framework HaxeFlixel is our game engine 10 second summary: Haxe is a programming… »

Mods, Salutary Neglect, and Storks

Okay so let's talk about this whole Steam Workshop paid mods thing, the internet freakout, and its subsequent reversal. Some very good points have been brought up by the "against" crowd, among them: No try-before-you-buy No strong assurance of refunds or support Mods are often interdependent, fear of fracture Now… »

Automated Transparent Development

Every game developer has a dilemma -- you need to make a game (development), and you need to tell people about it (marketing) so they'll get it when it comes out. The more you do one, the more you neglect the other. If you just keep your head down and… »

Defender's Quest 2 - Weaselmancer and cast preview

Last week we posted about DQ1HD and DQ2's milestone plan. Today let's supplement that with a sneak peek at some characters for Defender's Quest 2. A while back we posted a little bit about Javir, Terevan and "New Guy" but let's add a few other characters to the mix. Today… »

DQ1HD and DQ2 Milestone Plan

Some people wanted some clarification of how we're doing with Defender's Quest 2, and when they would get Alpha/Beta access. Here's a high-level overview of the release plan for the Defender's Quest: Valley of the Forgotten HD re-release and its sequel, Defender's Quest 2: Mists of Ruin. Each of… »

Stenography for Programming

So I'm learning Stenography. I ordered a UTOPEN stenoboard recently and this is what it looks like fully assembled (and with masking tape "training wheel" labels): At this point you're either thinking: "um... why would a game developer want to learn Steno?" Or perhaps: "what the heck is Stenography?" To… »